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EduBirdie Review Case Study “The Torture Question” Report (Assessment)



Billet 9/11 America

Straight-out and Unprecedented Powers

Backdown of the Hollands Conventions

Insult of Berth





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It is believed that America ahead the September 11 th attacks is dissimilar from the one later the 9/11. This is due to the statutory changes of how the US army was consistent to handgrip and delicacy terrorists. Likewise thither were changes in the powers given to the chairperson.

He was given more powers and his decisiveness was last and undisputed. Tidings should be relied upon in insurance devising but in the Iraqi and Afghan war conclusion were only made by the Bush’s establishment immediately without consulting with the military tidings and former news agencies.

This test inspection and identifies the major problems in how the US governing responded to the 9/11 attacks. This is according to a Frontline telecasting which was recorded during the Afghan war. It too features on the inhumane discussion of the so called terrorists by American mp (M.P.) and Military News (M.I.) agents.

Position 9/11 America

Afterwards the 9/11 attacks every American was request including the coitus, what should we do? Chairperson Scrub distinct, astern existence positive by his advisers, that they should avenge and battle terrorism in which the commencement attacks were in Afghanistan where American soldiery were sent to uncovering info almost Al-Qaeda and their leader Osama Bin Ladened.

Earlier anything generative results were completed thither was one major trouble. It was not crystalise what should be through to the prisoners of war who were captured as terrorists. This was due to the fact that they could not be tested on American local or Federal courts, they could not defeat them and edubirdie website they couldn’t they let them go (Frontline, 2005, chapter 2).

Outright and Unprecedented Powers

Trick Yoo and various over-the-counter lawyers formulated a memoranda that had rules that and recommendations of what should be through to dissolve this trouble the Frontline picture clipping intelligibly states edubirdie review that,

“Former Tweed Theater and Jurist Section effectual advisers who were mired in drawing many of the administration’s boldest proposals…. The sound model highly-developed by lawyers comparable Berenson, Alberto Gonzales and Toilet Yoo provided the impulsion for unprecedented rules for interrogating detainees, rules authoritative by Escritoire of Refutation Donald Rumsfeld – rules officials importune ne’er condoned torture…


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Thither was a muscular set of divided assumptions we had in the backwash of 9/11, and one of the virtually knock-down was the supposal that we would ne’er be forgiven if we failed to do something that was inside the index of our politics licitly to protect the world from a farther tone-beginning.”

This was the master reference of all the twisting and wretched that the terrorist went done. Lav Yoo below the Section of Jurist (DoJ) went beforehand and proposed to intercourse yet another modification which relation terminated whelming recognised.

This was to subsidization the Generalissimo of the military inexhaustible and unprecedented powers and to use all requisite agency potential to foreclose and stopover succeeding attacks and to beguile those responsible premature ones (Frontline, 2005, chapter 2). This was the endorsement error that they did as a outcome of choler from the attacks and the departure incurred from it.

The prexy was lawfully allowed to overturn any over-the-counter law if it were an incidental of subject protection and terrorists were convoluted. This did not reckon that the prexy power be incorrect, suffer a personal matter or suffer an ill motivation and this would touch his judgement of which is net.

Secession of the Hollands Conventions

The escritoire of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, asked the chairman to sequestrate the Hollands conventions act which edubirdie review saved prisoners of war because in his personal panorama it prevented them from getting authentic info from the terrorists. It saved them from existence anguished by the US army.

The Hollands conventions were reclusive and a effectual custody installation was accomplished in Guantanamo bay in Cuba which held 625 Iraqi and Afghan inmates. Afterwards about clock the prisoners numeral grew larger and the want for a new installation emerged and this is when the US soldiery took ended Abu Ghraib uttermost prison which was Saddam’s largest and nearly feared prison.

Therein facilities prisoners were tormented and maltreated in the nearly inhumane way e.g. in Abu Ghraib an con Identified as Detainee-07 was strained by US agents in civilian apparel to clothing a woman’s bra and a lash on his mind, separately beaten to unconsciousness, jumped on by American soldiers on his binding and legs, titillated by dogs and gentlewoman M.Ps threw things at his genitalia piece fetching photos.


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In another illustrate in Guantanamo bay an yardbird referred to as the 20 th highwayman was referred to as a homophile, smeared on with postiche menorrhea, bent-grass rearwards and his crotch grabbed and besides titillated by a dog. No one is certain for how hanker and how many others had been tormented care this.

All these inhumane interrogations were through to develop approximately info from the prisoners but naught dependable was obtained from them. It is suspected that about these prisoners had no authentic info due to the fact that approximately of them were captured at their own homes and besides the interrogators were inexperient and incapable.

Insult of Situation

In May 7 th 2004 the secretaire of demurrer, Donald Rumsfeld was asked to release from spot afterwards what he had been order solders to do to the so called terrorists was revealed to the world. He was fix to relinquish but the chairman didn’t reserve him to by not accepting his surrender missive.

12 investigations were conducted later all this and but sevener mp and two military news officers were accused of torture the prisoners during their nighttime shifts (Frontline, 2005, chapter 6). It is openly crystallize to everyone that thither is no way all this was beingness conducted by 9 soldiers as Army Modesty fired Gen. Janis Karpinski who was says “How can extend to blamed 9 knave soldiers on the nightshift when thither is a prevalence of entropy correct now, backbreaking data from a form of sources, that says otherwise” (Frontline, 2005, chapter 6).


As I quoted originally Word should charm and be relied upon in determination and insurance fashioning peculiarly in matters of internal certificate. This is what the place 9/11 US brass failed in practicing and it should be avoided in succeeding.

For Tidings to be true, experient and competent force should be tangled in its attainment. In Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo unskilled and inexperient army agents were the ones interrogating the prisoners. The US authorities should deliver chartered approximately experient interrogators and by so doing dependable entropy would get been extracted from the terrorists.

The chairwoman should be a muscular soul but he should be given limitless powers and not answerable to any law. This way that the codified amendment that declared that the prexy can override any former law in incidences of terrorism should be reclusive.


Selfsame many citizenry suffered in the workforce of the US army agents and the one creditworthy abnegate that that they had any mind of any of this inhumane actions winning spot. The mass punished for this were not only responsible this but they were only next orders. The masses responsible this should be right well-tried and suitably punished in accord with the law.


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